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Our Agile Frameworks

How do we do it? Leverage our experts to meet your need for efficiency, effectiveness, and expertise.

Scrum as a Service

Experience lightning-fast project lifecycles, exceptional quality, and continuous improvement fueled by our Agile expertise. Our expert scrum leaders are your strategic allies, guiding the team to continuous improvement every step of the way.

Kanban as a Service

Transform your workflow into a crystal-clear roadmap. Visualize bottlenecks, optimize operations like a boss, and empower your team to self-improve faster than a hummingbird’s heartbeat.


How we can Help

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Scrum as a Service

Evergreen’s Scrum as a Service provides a comprehensive solution for enhancing your software development capabilities. We swiftly adapt to your needs, ensuring reliable delivery and fostering quality and innovation. Our end-to-end approach covers solution design, rapid startup, expert coaching, and continuous improvement aligning with your vision at every step.

How we add value:

  • Expert agile leadership
  • Teams custom built for you
  • Access to global talent
  • Immediate productivity
  • Long-term partnership

Kanban as a Service

Evergreen’s Kanban as a Service is a tailored solution for organizations who need an incremental approach to Agile practices. Looking to visualize and optimize your workflow and get clarity on progress and areas for improvement? We can do it.

We’ll also build and train teams in Kanban principles, agile coaching, performance and operational management, and the visualization of workflow.

With Kanban’s seamless integration into existing processes, enhanced visibility, and the ability to operate with or without on-site leads, Evergreen empowers your teams to detect and address issues instantly and fosters continuous self-improvement.

Leverage Kanban for a Variety of Needs:

  • Software development
  • Issue and portfolio management
  • Migrations
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Agile Summit

Attend Agile Summit

Across a two-and-a-half-day immersive learning workshop, our experts David Morrow and Rob Redmond will teach you how to harness the power of Agile principles giving you the blueprint for achieving your business outcomes and maximizing ROI.

Master core principles, leadership, and team optimization, apply Agile techniques through hands-on exercises, network with professionals across industries, and enable Agile transformation for unprecedented organizational success.


Agile Consulting FAQs

Agile is a set of values, beliefs, and principles shared by several methodologies and frameworks. One of these frameworks is scrum.
Agile practices can be applied to any company, no matter the size or industry.
Our Agile Services team has experience in a wide variety of methodologies. Our primary service offerings are focused around Scrum as a Service and Kanban as a Service.
When you begin applying Agile practices, you will see results such as closer collaboration between your business and technology teams, faster response times to customer or market needs, and the ability to adapt more quickly to changing market conditions. If you have implemented Agile practices on your own and you are not seeing these outcomes, Evergreen can help.
We’re tech agnostic. We can work in whatever tech stack or tech environment you prefer or make recommendations for a more effective platform.
Our teams seamlessly integrate into your business and are fully managed by Evergreen, meaning the rest of your organization can keep doing what they are already doing. But don’t be surprised if you see effective tactics from the Kanban team to roll out to other teams.
Yes! We offer stakeholder training to help you get the most from your Kanban team.


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