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Evergreen Specialized Services

Why Evergreen?

Advanced technology, dedicated experts, and above all, true partnership.

Driven To Solve

We thrive on unraveling complex problems. The tougher the puzzle, the more energized we become. Bring it. We love a challenge.

Masters Of Process

Streamlining processes and workflows? No sweat. We thoughtfully create procedures, plans, and ways forward. Efficiency is what it’s all about.

All Industries Welcome

From tech and telecom giants to retail juggernauts and the federal government, we specialize in customized solutions for all industries.

Value Hunters

We seek out, chase down and find efficiencies, wherever we go. We’re committed to creating value for our clients in everything we do.

Plus, Evergreen is a division of Insight Global, one of the largest staffing companies in the United States. We’re able to tackle your toughest challenges, strategize solutions, and deliver the right talent to execute it all.


Unmatched Solutions Across All Industries

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Applied Engineering

From managing capital projects to taking on large-scale drafting or data collection initiatives, We partner with you to get the job done with expertise and excellence—across all industries.

  • Telecom: Design, permitting, and construction management expertise for telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Utility: Design and draft electric and gas systems, including circuit analysis, pole loading calculations, and MAOP validation.
  • Oil and Gas: Create process and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) to optimize oil and gas operations.
  • Retail: Maximize retail store functionality and customer experience with our space planning services.

Field Services

Serving all industries, supporting any function—Evergreen is your reliable partner for any field service need. Here’s how we support your industry:

  • Telecom: Keep networks running smoothly with preventative maintenance audits, expert construction management, and efficient waste and asset handling.
  • Utility: Locate underground gas lines with precision to ensure safety and project efficiency.
  • Oil and Gas: Gain deep insights into your field ops via comprehensive walkdowns, accurate 3D scanning, and detailed equipment models.
  • GIS: Get a clear picture of your assets and environment with our indoor and land-based mapping services.
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A man standing over a table and in front of a screen with maps of utilities.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

We’re proud to have a deep expertise in the industry of mapping the world. We impact businesses by leveraging the power of smart geospatial tools and data.

Our GIS services include:

  • GIS Asset Alignment: Ensure accurate updating and creation of infrastructure assets within your GIS. We enhance traceability, verifiability, and completeness.
  • GIS Landbase Mapping: Enable detailed visualization and analysis of physical property features.
  • 3D Spatial Modeling: Get comprehensive solutions for various applications, including terrain modeling, building visualization, and LiDAR processing.
  • Source Record Validation: Create and maintain accurate gas and electrical asset information based on historical records, ensuring data standardization and reliability.


Yes! We offer project management services for projects of all kinds—because your vision deserves more than just technical expertise. Our project management services encompass:
–Expert project management and controls
–Strategic planning and consulting
–Precise financial management
–Continuous improvement through program development
–Change management
–Proactive risk mitigation

Get in touch with us and learn more about our project management capabilities.
We provide custom-built solutions. We don’t immediately come in and tell you what your organization needs—we listen first. Our team will meet with you to understand your situation and identify gaps in any processes and design issues so that we can deliver on your specific needs.
Evergreen, Insight Global’s professional services division, delivers world class technical and talent services to clients around the globe to power innovation and transformation. With access to talent in 50+ countries plus locations around the world, the sun never sets on what we can do.

Evergreen unlocks both the expert vision and the talent to execute strategy for our 5,000+ clients across a variety of industries, plus advanced consulting services on DEIB and workplace culture and performance. Backed by one of the largest IT staffing companies in the U.S., Evergreen’s teams of technical and talent experts accelerate outcomes and bring your vision to life.


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