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Why Evergreen

Our GIS success for Clients

6 Million

GIS Records Updated

30,000 miles

of Linear Infrastructure Aligned

10 million

Attribute Features Updated

Service Benefits

Why Use Evergreen for GIS Services?

Support at Scale

We can provide scalable support and work for your organization.

Highest-Quality Data

We take the burden of quality control off your plate and implement a multi-tiered review.

Work Done Your Way

We can support any system you prefer, including Esri, GE Smallworld, and more.


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GIS Asset Alignment

Alignment of GIS Infrastructure Assets Using Source Records

We analyze and validate various data sources to update or create assets within your GIS. Whether it’s reviewing as-builts, construction documents, or work orders, our team ensures that your infrastructure assets are traceable, verifiable, and complete. Trust Evergreen to elevate the accuracy and efficiency of your GIS asset alignment needs.

  • Data Assessments
  • Quality Control
  • Edit and Map Records
  • Build and Maintain Geodatabases

GIS Landbase Mapping

We forge partnerships with businesses and municipalities to redefine the landscape through cutting-edge GIS mapping services. Our commitment is to craft detailed property maps that go beyond traditional boundaries. When you go with Evergreen’s GIS solutions, you get actionable insights into land use, building footprints, footpaths, vehicular roadways, cellular nodes, and service lines.

  • Field Data Collection
  • Land Cover Classification
  • Cadastral Mapping
  • Landbase Maintenance

Experience: 85,000 landbase features created, 50,000 features updated, 50 million KM2 of land cover classification

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More GIS Services

3D Spatial Modeling: We’re 3D Modeling experts with years of experience providing comprehensive solutions for all types of applications: Terrain, Cell Tower, Buildings, Right-of-Way, and LiDAR. We’ve built 80+ full-scale monuments and processed two million KM of DEM.

Source Record Validation: We create and maintain gas and electrical asset information based on historical as-builts and construction packet information. Source validation, data standardization, field data collection, consulting, expert individual analysis, clean deliverables, weekly progress reports—whatever you need, we can deliver it.

  • 350K Vertical Structures Validated
  • 7 Million Assets Updated or Validated


Water utility assets are equally as important and are given the same care and attention. We leverage a TVC-approach regardless of the asset type.
We can! Our team is technology agnostic. We bring expertise to the project that fits your technology stack.
During the project kick-off, we’ll establish a means of integrating the data to your system-of-record.
Yes! We use Trimble GPS receivers to collect data as accurate as a few centimeters. We tailor all our GIS solutions to your requirements.
Absolutely. We understand that migrating to the utility network is no small task. Data readiness is paramount to a successful deployment of the utility network and can easily be the toughest part of the migration. Our team can help with the enormous lift of ensuring your data is pristine and ready for smooth integration.
We’ll construct a multi-stage process to ensure that our QA process accounts for the things that you deem most critical so your staff can focus on other tasks. We’ll provide detailed reporting to give total transparency throughout the project life cycle.


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