Case Studies

Evergreen Secures the Tech Talent Required for a Retailer’s Digital Transformation

Our client was closing brick-and-mortar stores and shifting to a more efficient online presence, requiring significant staffing augmentation in the digital space.

Evergreen Collaborates with Tech Conglomerate to Build a World-Class IT Support Capability

Our client needed to revamp their infrastructure at a global scale while reducing inefficiencies and maximizing system availability for their customers.

Helping a State Government Lead the Way in Secure Electronic Document Management

The Office of Technology Services (OTS) needed all their agencies to move away from unprotected, antiquated paper records and migrate to FileNet, an electronic document…

Improving In-Store Support for a leading prepaid wireless provider

Our client needed to improve in-store operations and enhance customer satisfaction by reducing the call abandonment rates for their internal service desk team.

Enhancing Video Quality Control for Pipeline Inspections at a major Gas and Electric Utility

Our client urgently needed to review and manage 52,000 pipeline video inspections to ensure the absence of cross bores.

Sportswear Company scales their contact center operations and Boosts customer satisfaction

Our client needed to increase headcount in their contact centers, get better insights into their recruiting metrics, and bring on more…

Optimizing Customer Support for a Leading Commercial Vehicle OEM

To improve the quality of their customer service, our client needed a partner to manage their customer support desk and address a sizable skills gap.

Delivering Time-Sensitive Application Development Services for a Supply Chain Tech Provider

Our client needed a partner to build a new mobile application that could manage inventory across 300+ storerooms for one of their top customers.

Evergreen Accelerates Carbon-Neutral Initiatives with Streamlined Application Review Services

Our client wants to create a world-class program facilitating the interconnection of solar or renewable energy systems to customers’ energy grids, catering to both…

Evergreen Helps establish 24×7 Facility to Care for Children at U.S. Border

Our client needed to stand up a 24/7 site and quickly onboard hundreds of skilled staff to care for unaccompanied children at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Transforming data Management for a top Telecom provider

Our client needed a partner to build a platform that could capture essential marketing data and deliver it to internal teams for interpretation and action.

Evergreen helps a government contractor hire hundreds of shelter support workers

Our client needed to hire hundreds of youth care workers, case managers, case aides, educators, and more, while also…

Evergreen Leads Talent Transformation for Global Agricultural Chemical & Seed Company

The client needed to quickly hire 12 Scrum teams to assist with a round of product releases. The new team members need to begin work quickly—and at full productivity—with minimal…

Delivering Top-Tier IT Service desk Capabilities for a Global Law Firm

The law firm’s attorneys needed rapid, responsive help when they experienced tech issues—every hour of every day—to support their global workforce.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency for a Major Athletic Apparel Supplier

Our client faced challenges related to business continuity and process documentation across their Partner Studios teams. Varying teams and leadership structures resulted in inconsistencies in processes…

Modernizing a FinTech Leader’s ID Verification and Fraud Prevention System

Our client had to transition from their legacy tech to a more modern solution so they could lay the groundwork for an organization-wide cloud deployment initiative.

Implementing New Training Frameworks and Performance Indicators for an Athletics Apparel Titan

The client’s Global Product Writing team encountered co-employment challenges with their contract staff. Leadership was unsure about who should handle specific management tasks, and the lack of…

Streamlining Cloud Migration for a leading Agricultural Company

With operations relying on aging Windows 2012 Server systems, our client faced a critical need to migrate and upgrade their extensive data center footprint of…