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Building High Performance Teams


We Build & Manage Elite Teams

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Building Teams for now & the future

Evergreen supercharges teams from strategy to execution. We build custom teams, leverage tech, and adapt as you grow—fueling continuous improvement to match your evolving goals.

  • Developing and managing custom teams to accomplish your strategy and goals
  • Optimizing onboarding process, drive insights, and elevate performance through reporting capabilities
  • Increasing retention through engagement and process improvements

Service Benefits

How We Grow Your Team

Find the Best Talent & Culture Fits For Your Team

Manage Teams & Processes That Elevate Productivity

Enhance Onboarding Functions

Reporting & Insights That Drive Performance

Engage Talent with Their work To Boost retention & Productivity


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How We Build Teams Differently

Evergreen and Insight Global developed our expertise by doing what we do best for the last 20 years: sourcing and hiring outstanding talent for our clients. And every year, Insight Global places more than 50,000 consultants.

We’ve learned how to manage people, develop their skills and talents, and optimize their productivity. People are your most valuable asset, so tracking how they perform and optimizing their impact is key to building high performance teams.

And whether your talent management strategy includes hiring full-time or temporary workers, we have thousands of recruiters to find who you need—then we can manage them. Everything is tailored to you.

Talent Upskilling

Upskilling talent is a core part of how we address productivity and retention.

  • 71% of upskilled employees say their job satisfaction has increased
  • Nearly half of employees said they’d change jobs if the new opportunity included skills training
  • 65% said employer-provided upskilling programs are important when considering a new job

Evergreen tailors our upskilling programs to identify, train, and deploy new experts into your organization. We can also help you level up your current talent through customized training programs—ones we help develop and manage.

Read more about our talent upskilling services.

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Yes! Evergreen’s RPO services help you improve your recruiting process—and it can include everything up to their first day of work. This can include helping scale your recruiters, improving your reporting processes, forecasting headcount, or taking over the end-to-end recruiting process for your company.

Building high performing teams goes beyond the recruiting process. Once that expert is part of your team, we need to make sure they are productive, retained over long periods, and grow alongside your business. Sometimes talent management begins at the recruiting level, but often talent management will work toward making your existing and future workforce the best it can be.

Luckily, Evergreen provides end-to-end support for both RPO and building high performance teams.

Outsourcing the management of talent processes with Evergreen is designed to augment your HR and talent acquisition teams—never to compete. We work hand-in-hand with your teams to ensure we’re improving processes and making recommendations based on your business goals. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. Our solutions and services are tailored to your needs.
Beyond managing talent, we can help you find it! Insight Global placed over 50,000 consultants in 2023 alone, and we know how to find the right fit for your team. When it comes to retention:
  1. Our consultants have contract completion rates well above industry averages, and our direct placements have attrition rates well below industry averages.
  2. We can also help you build strategies that work toward improving retention for your current employees. These can include services like upskilling programs, culture consulting, DEI training, and so much more.
We work with you to define what success means and determine the KPIs. We’ll develop metrics with you throughout our relationship, and you’ll have complete transparency into how it’s going.


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