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What Sets Us Apart

Our AI Capabilities

AI Strategy and Roadmap

We assess your needs, develop tailored strategies to build machine learning, AI, and generative AI use cases, and implement scalable AI architectures.

Build and Train AI models

We use machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and speech recognition to create sophisticated AI models tailored to meet your business needs.

AI Control Tower

We monitor and optimize system performance, ensuring proactive management of AI processes within your business environment.


How we can Help

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We’re More Than AI Consulting

We’re not just AI experts—we’re business partners. We don’t just modernize cloud infrastructure; we transform it into a dynamic engine for growth.

Our service offerings can be structured to meet your needed level of engagement:

  • Advise on your AI strategy with Evergreen’s AI consulting services
  • Fully manage your AI strategy and processes
  • Develop and manage custom plans to accomplish your AI strategies and goals

Staffing Solutions for AI Services

Perhaps equally important to AI strategies tailored to your needs, we can staff your project.

As a division of Insight Global, one of the world’s largest IT staffing companies, our AI services bring with them the expertise you require—and access to the talent needed for implementation. We merge AI solutions with the right skilled teams to execute your vision. Our staffing capabilities extend globally. We’re positioned to deliver solutions across 50+ countries.

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Service Benefits

The Value You Get With Evergreen AI Consulting Services

Evergreen provides data, AI and app services primarily around data set modernization, application modernization, and AI strategy and implementation. We bring in thought leadership accelerators and industry experts for our customers across a wide variety of industry verticals where we specialize in migrating and modernizing their application and data landscapes.

Don’t settle for generic solutions. Our industry expertise and human-centered approach tailor our AI services to your unique needs.

Agile & DevOps Integration

Our solutions are infused with Agile methodologies and DevOps-driven execution, ensuring flexibility, speed, and reliability.

Accelerated Solutions

Experience a 30-40% acceleration in your projects with our tools.

Centers of Excellence

Our dedicated Centers of Excellence (COEs) are the engine behind our services, delivering solutions and advice based on leading best practices and frameworks.

Flexible Delivery

We’re proud to be “tech-agnostic,” meaning we tailor our AI services strategy to align with your budget and business needs. We support various environments and collaborate with a wide range of software integrations.


By leveraging Evergreen’s AI solutions, you can expect:

–Improved operational efficiency through streamlined processes and task automation.
–Informed decision-making with AI-driven insights for major OpEx and CapEx savings.
–Reduced waste and errors in areas like production, logistics, and customer service.

Connect with us to learn more!
This is one of the areas where we excel! The short answer: it depends on the current staff you have, and where you want to go. There are a host of AI roles—prompt engineers, developers, testers, and more—that organizations need to build and maintain your AI capabilities. We can find those roles for you. But you can also offload these services to consultants. We can find and manage those consultants for you, too!

In either scenario, Evergreen and Insight Global are your best partners to fulfill your AI goals and strategies.
That is the goal of our AI solutions! We aim to help your company implement AI strategies and talent that help your company run more efficiently and at a cost savings to you. But that doesn’t mean that all AI is meant to replace employees.


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