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BPO Managed Services or Consulting?

Clients often need to enhance their workflow, but they’re not quite ready to fully hand over the keys to a professional services company like Evergreen. We offer BPO consulting and can advise your organization—big and small—on how your business process can improve and how you can do it.

Some clients want a fully managed BPO service, and Evergreen delivers. We know how to develop strategies and processes specific to your business needs, then we can build the team with our talent engine, manage it, and report on improvements.

And if you have a strategy in place and need help executing? We’re your full-service partner. We can build and manage the teams that help execute your vision.

Our experts are an extension of your team, creating tailored processes and solutions that propel you to your goals. Together, let’s unlock your business potential.

How Evergreen Adds Value with BPO

Many BPO services lay the groundwork for improvement. Evergreen can execute, too.

As a division of Insight Global, we have the talent engine to find the people you need to drive productivity and accomplish your organization’s goals.

We’re a people-first organization that knows when your people fit and are working toward the same goal, they thrive. With us, your teams will reflect the communities you serve.

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Of course! We specialize in a variety of administrative functions that help organizations’ productivity and processing. And we have experience in a breadth of business processes—including technology, finance, accounting, engineering, human resources, and so many more.
Though we are experienced in a variety of industry best practices, we don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to our BPO strategies (or anything else we do). We work in deep connection with our clients to identify primary goals and improvements. Then, we build processes and teams that can help accomplish those. As a people-first organization, we make sure the people we hire for your BPO solutions are properly trained, qualified, and fit your culture.
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