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We keep your network running smoothly with preventative maintenance audits, expert construction management, and efficient waste and asset handling.


Locate underground gas lines with precision to ensure safety and project efficiency.

Oil and Gas

Gain deep insights into your field operations through comprehensive walkdowns, accurate 3D scanning, and detailed equipment models.


Get a clear picture of your assets and environment with our indoor and land-based mapping services.

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Preventative maintenance audits

  • Asset scanning 
  • Hidden defect identification 
  • Alarm validation 
  • Information updates to client systems 
  • Service across all markets

construction Management Services

  • Daily site assessments
  • Schedule management
  • Punch walks
  • On-site support
  • Document review
  • Drone inspections
  • Utility coordination
  • File audits

Regulated Waste and Asset Management

  • Data tracking and trends
  • GIS route optimization software
  • Incident action reporting
  • Violation resolution
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Small Cell Node Assessments

Improper installations, missing equipment, or incomplete terminations can lead to slow activation times. Reduce schedule and technical risks associated with multiple site visits with Evergreen. Here’s what we deliver:

  • Detailed assessments
  • Data processing ownership
  • Multi-stage quality control
  • Weekly progress reports
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Expedited activation

Whether you want to ease the logistical headache of organizing site visits or need support scaling your ability to assess sites nationwide, Evergreen streamlines the approach and brings the experts to you. Our successes include:

  • 1,500+ sites assessed with nationwide coverage
  • 1,200+ assets documented

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Gas Service Locates

Our locators are Operator Qualified (OQ) and leverage state-of-the-art equipment and workflows to ensure gas services are mapped and integrated into your system.

  • OQ Certified: Expert locators trained to detect and isolate gas lines according to your company standards
  • Equipment: Dual-frequency equipment for precise locating in dense areas
  • Dispatch: Efficient tools for work allocation and hands-off customer experience
  • Accuracy and Precision: GPS technologies for accurate data capture and locating
  • Seamless Integration: Digital platforms for easy data transfer and integration
  • Service Reporting and Delivery: Service improvements for business processes, quality management, and ITSM efficiency
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Field Walkdown and Data Collection: Extract nameplate data, conduct condition assessments, tag and track equipment, and capture data online or offline with our field inspection and data collection services.

3D Scanning and Modeling: Improve the accuracy and efficiency of your maintenance and inspection activities with our 3D scanning and modeling services.

Asset Compliance Reporting: Ensure your assets are compliant with all applicable regulations with our asset compliance reporting services.

Explore GIS

Discover the transformative power of our GIS services.

  • GIS Asset Alignment
  • GIS Landbase Mapping
  • 3D Spatial Modeling
  • Source Record Validation
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Custom Solutions

Whatever You Need, Custom-Built for You


We’re experts at what we do, but we pride ourselves on being true partners with our customers. We offer a tailored delivery model, meaning our solutions are custom-built just for you. Get in touch with us today and let us know your needs.
Evergreen, Insight Global’s professional services division, delivers world-class technical and talent services to clients around the globe to power innovation and transformation. With access to talent in 50+ countries and technology delivery capabilities in Hyderabad, India, the sun never sets on what we can do.

Evergreen unlocks both the expert vision and the talent to execute strategy for our 5,000+ clients across a variety of industries, plus advanced consulting services on DEIB and workplace culture and performance. Backed by one of the largest IT staffing companies in the U.S., Evergreen’s teams of technical and talent experts accelerate outcomes and bring your vision to life.


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