Our Shared Values

Our Shared Values

Everyone matters

We take care of each other

Leadership is here to serve

High character and hard work above all else

Always know where you stand

We Put People and Culture First 

After 2001, we experienced 16 years of unprecedented growth within the staffing industry. But with such rapid growth, we began to lose our way. 

The Eight Core Principles on which we built the company were words on a wall more than they were a foundation for everything we do. We didn’t have a culture of purpose, values, or development—and so our culture began to crumble. As a result, promotions stalled, productivity was down, turnover spiked to 65%, and revenue began to flatten. 

We took an honest look in the mirror and knew it was time to change. Leaning into the elements of our culture that made us unique, like our grit, our model to promote from within, and our work ethic, we started to re-imagine the type of company we wanted to be.  

In 2018, Bert Bean stepped in as CEO, and our culture transformation journey began. To really evolve, we knew we would have to build a culture of development where Everyone Matters and where we would grow our people personally, professionally, and financially. 

But we didn’t stop there. In the fall of 2018, the executive team attended their first Compass—an executive retreat for leaders to connect on a deeper level and get to know one another so they could tackle the company’s biggest problems. They asked each other things like: Who do we want to be? What is our purpose? How can we better invest in our people? In answering those questions, they created a new set of values to guide everything we do. 

Our Shared Values are now woven into the culture of how we operate, interview, hire, train, promote, and make big company decisions. In living our Shared Values every day, our people started seeing success through promotions and productivity, a decrease in attrition, and rapid company revenue growth.