Meet Evergreen, Insight Global’s Professional Services Division

As of August 2022, Insight Global’s Managed Services Division has a new identity: Evergreen.

This division officially launched in 2015 (though the first true managed services project for Insight Global just celebrated its 10-year anniversary) and was existing under the simple Managed Services Division (MSD) moniker since then. But the division wanted to “redefine our purpose to the world,” Ryan McGinn, the president of Evergreen, said.

Rooted in Insight Global’s Shared Values

Evergreen’s purpose is to “help our clients design processes, build teams from scratch, and manage them daily.” We also “work with each client to determine their unique needs in order to develop fully customized solutions and services.”

That purpose is rooted in Insight Global’s shared values, which are:

  • Everyone Matters
  • We Take Care of Each Other
  • Leadership is Here to Serve
  • High Character and Hard Work Above All Else
  • Always Know Where You Stand

And, as with all Insight Global teams, Evergreen has a sixth shared value that the division’s team lives by: Unity in Diversity.

“Evergreen gives us the identity and voice we need in order to truly help our people, our clients, and our consultants grow forward,” McGinn said in an interview with Staffing Industry Analysts.

Evergreen’s Core Elements

At its business core, Evergreen’s goal is to become the unparalleled go-to for professional services. These services include:

But the question is, how does Evergreen stand out from competition? Here are a couple of ways:

  • By offering deep expertise and a broad preaching: “We’re a managed services company that helps our customers solve problems, tackle projects, and embrace any challenge. We start by getting to know you. We want to understand your unique needs, circumstances, and perspective. Then we devise ways forward, develop teams to help us get there, and expertly manage those teams to perform and deliver at the highest level. We earn trust by shooting straight, staying proactive, and adapting as needed throughout our partnership.”
  • By being powered by diversity: “Diversity drives everything we do. We respect and embrace one another’s unique backgrounds, perspectives, and passions. Because we truly value each other at Evergreen, we attract the best people, who in turn create outstanding outcomes for and with our partners.”
  • By building teams from the ground up: “Our expertise runs deep. When it comes to building teams, it’s all about bringing the right people together and empowering them to perform at their best. We welcome any challenge. Even the messy, intricate, often daunting ones. We have the depth of expertise, grit, and boots-on-the-ground know-how to tackle whatever comes our way.”

On top of that, McGinn cites Evergreen’s flexibility, access to talent, and people-first mindset as differentiators in the managed services space.

“Customers have referenced the character of our people, noting our transparency, our reliability, and that we take ownership,” he said. “We are proud of that reputation and focus on building our business around it.”

As for the future, customers “will admire us for how we treat people and how we continue to push those around us to be better,” said Insight Global CEO Bert Bean.

Evergreen exists to help our people, clients, and consultants grow forward.

“You can’t provide a great service without great talent, a great team, and really strong culture,” McGinn reiterated. “Technology advancements and automations can enable more work to be done with fewer people—that is, if they are configured correctly—but having fewer people means the ones you do have need to be qualified, trained, and committed to the success of the project, which is the ultimate priority for clients.”

“We pick fights with the impossible”

McGinn says buyers of managed services need to look for partnerships based in trust and growth mindset. Most importantly, though, you need partners with results and strong customer testimonials. “Buyers are making a really big decision on entrusting their products, platforms, customers, and business processes to another company,” he said, so you need results that prove you can do that.

This all culminates in Evergreen wishing to “pick fights with the impossible,” McGinn said. That fervor is rooted in Evergreen’s people, vision, and relationships.

“We are a living, breathing, strong, flexible, dynamic team that stands tall, stands proud, and stands together.”

Check out Evergreen’s Instagram and LinkedIn, and get in touch with the team here.