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Evergreen’s RPO services give time back to your HR teams to focus on the core needs of the business. Here’s how we add value:

Enhance Candidate Quality

With Insight Global’s talent pool, you’ll find the right skilled, vetted, and certified employees for your team every time.

Improve Retention

Retention starts in the hiring process. A more fluid, efficient, and transparent recruitment process helps enhance candidates’ experiences with your company from before day 1.

Enable Scalability

We help your business with what you need right now, and then scale hiring to meet growing business needs.

Drive Process Improvements

Our recruitment process outsourcing services inject the right technologies, detailed reporting, and tool enhancements to your recruitment process all based on our world-class expertise.

Investing For The Future

We know how much bad hires cost. Efficient and effective hiring processes save you the costs and headaches of that—with quicker time-to-hire and improved productivity.


Ways our RPO Service comes to life

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Recruitment process outsourcing takes a holistic approach to hiring. Recruiting is focused on the sourcing and interviewing pieces of the hiring puzzle, RPO supports our client’s entire recruiting process—from building candidate profiles to onboarding to performance tracking and reporting.
It’s a job seekers’ market, particularly in IT recruiting, candidates have more options than ever. Companies must provide a positive candidate experience (from crafting job descriptions to pre-boarding) to attract and retain top talent. That means building effective mechanisms for communication and ensuring a smooth onboarding process.
Yes! During our discovery phase, we will assess your current tools and processes and build a plan for integrating with those. We also recommend tools (if none currently exist in your org), and throughout our relationship, we will note any areas of improvement within your current processes.
Outsourcing your recruiting with Evergreen is intended to be layered on to your HR and talent acquisition teams to enhance it—not compete with it. We work together with your internal teams to ensure we’re improving processes and making recommendations based on your business goals. To job seekers, there shouldn’t be a noticeable difference between an RPO recruiter and an in-house one. That’s the point: make it seamless. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. Our recruiting services are tailored to your needs.
What if you were able to cut your time-to-hire by 30%? New employees would be able to ramp up to productivity that much faster. And what if you were able to cut down your recruiting costs by 25%? That’s the kind of savings that impact budgets. With Evergreen’s recruitment process outsourcing services, your business becomes more effective and efficient at hiring—so you and your employees can focus on what you do best and need to get done.
Yes! Evergreen has the experience and capabilities to find talent in over 50 countries. We also have a Technology Delivery Center in Hyderabad, India. Wherever you need to build teams, we can execute.
Beyond managing talent, we can help you find it. Insight Global placed more than 50,000 consultants in 2023 alone, and we know how to find the right fit for your team.

When it comes to retention:
1. Our consultants have contract completion rates well above industry averages, and our direct placements have attrition rates well below industry averages.
2. We can also help you build strategies that work toward improving retention for your current employees. These can include services like upskilling programs, culture consulting, DEI training, and so much more.


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