Outsourcing Recruiting Makes for a Better Candidate Experience

Have you lost a candidate in the recruitment process due to poor communication? Or how about because the onboarding and training process was taking too long? If you’re noticing consistent holes when recruiting candidates, it’s possible that outsourcing your recruiting process will make for a better experience for both you and the applicants.

Fully outsourcing your recruiting to another company—also known as recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)—can benefit all involved in the process in many ways. Let’s discuss four of them.

It can improve initial contact responses

Most job seekers are passive job seekers—meaning they aren’t looking for a job currently, but they are open to other opportunities. Nearly 90 percent of the workforce is open to new opportunities, too. That means you need to know how to grab the attention of these candidates.

Companies fully dedicated to recruiting are experts in this, and companies that know how to put people first are particularly adept at getting responses from candidates. Where a hiring manager may give up on a candidate after a single non-response, RPO providers have practice in pitching job opportunities to candidates in short amounts of time. This can give the hiring manager more time to focus on what the team needs are, and the candidate can get a more dedicated resource offering them opportunities.

Personalized attention throughout the process

Speaking of dedicated resources, outsourcing recruiting can give a candidate (and the hiring manager) more personalized attention in the recruitment process. Highly engaged employees are reportedly nearly 90% less likely to leave their job, and that engagement starts before they are even offered a position.

Having an average recruiting and onboarding experience become a great one with personalized attention can be the difference between an employee leaving your company within a year and sticking with you long-term.

Hiring and onboarding doesn’t stop on day one, either. Candidates need support through three months, six months, a year, and beyond to make sure they’re comfortable on the job. When you outsource recruiting, RPO providers make sure there are processes in place that ensure these candidates are carefully set up for the best success possible.

Better efficiency in the recruiting process

Fully outsourcing recruiting to talent optimization professionals also helps bring more efficiency to your hiring process. RPO companies can fill seats in less time, help get them to a point of productivity quicker, and provide hiring managers with higher quality candidates to choose from (typically because of their access to a large talent pool).

Now think of this from the candidate’s point of view. They can start a job (or at least receive an answer), earn money, be productive, and grow in their career in a quicker time frame. This is all part of the candidate’s onboarding experience. If they’re working and achieving productivity sooner than it would normally take, it could turn an average recruitment experience into a memorable one.

Enhanced communication

Naturally, a hiring manager has plenty of other tasks on top of needing to fill a role. During the hiring process, this may mean communication isn’t as great as it could be. Outsourcing recruiting puts communication in the hands of professionals who do just that: communicate and coordinate with candidates.

Also, even if a candidate doesn’t get the job, a majority of job seekers still like to receive feedback about what went right and where they can improve. This sort of information makes the recruitment process better for the candidate even if they didn’t get the offer. Recruiters can help provide that feedback as the hiring managers helps onboard the candidate who got the job.

This ties back to the personalized attention RPO provides. The candidate’s hiring process can be enjoyable when they have resources dedicated to their progress.

If you’re looking to learn more about improving the candidate experience for your hiring process, our RPO experts at Evergreen can help: