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Applied Engineering Services


Our Applied Engineering Solutions


Industries We Support in Applied Engineering


We offer design, permitting, and construction management expertise for telecommunications infrastructure.


Our engineers specialize in the design and drafting of electric and gas systems, including circuit analysis, pole loading calculations, and MAOP validation.

Oil and Gas

Create process and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) to optimize oil and gas operations.


Our space planning services maximize your retail store’s functionality and customer experience.


Evergreen Applied Engineering Solutions by Industry

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Telecom Design Quality Control

Low-quality engineering designs result in wasted time, budget impact, and rework. At Evergreen, we understand the importance of getting it right the first time. Our comprehensive quality control (QC) solutions eliminate rework cycles, enabling your business to operate with confidence right from the start. How we support you:

  • Managed Support at Scale: Adjusting to your business demands, whether you need to support local or nationwide design reviews for your 5G infrastructure.
  • Highest-Quality Designs: With a multi-tiered QC approach and local experts who understand regional requirements, we make sure designs meet your standards.
  • Faster Completion Time: No surprises or rework. With accurate designs in hand, your teams can act faster and get the job done.
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  • Engineering Design: Transform ideas into reality with robust designs backed by calculations, product research, bill of material development, and data sheets.
  • Visualization: See your project come to life through 3D models and precise AutoCAD drawings. We deliver industry-leading drafting standards.
  • Environmental Impact Studies: Minimize impact with our expert assessments and ensure compliance with comprehensive studies.
  • Interconnection Studies: Seamlessly integrate your project with existing systems. We offer studies ranging from 50MW to 500MW generation sites.
  • Asset Data Management: Optimize asset performance and ensure safety with our data engineering services.
  • Business Analytics: Gain actionable insights from your project data with our in-depth reporting and consulting on data modeling, reporting, and forecasting.

Oil and Gas

  • Detailed Engineering Designs: Transform ideas into success with supporting calculations, P&IDs, product research, bill of material development, and data sheets.
  • CAD Design/Modeling: Visualize your projects with clarity and get a realistic preview of the result.
  • Environmental Impact Studies: Minimize your project’s footprint and ensure compliance.
  • GIS Modeling: Create detailed models of well sites and tank farms.
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  • Macro and Micro Space Planning: Create detailed store layout diagrams and planograms using advanced software. Optimize customer flow, adjacencies, and product placement for peak sales.
  • Compliance and Quality Assurance: Design store displays that adhere to code regulations and safety standards. Implement a rigorous quality control process with detailed reporting.
  • Flexibility and Customization: Easily update store plans with redlines. Design custom displays and fixtures to match your brand.

Success by the Numbers

  • 250 Million Square Feet of Retail Space Analyzed and Drafted
  • 58% Increase in Year-Over-Year Production Rates
  • 70% Reduction in Time to Produce Rates

Project Management

Beyond Engineering: Comprehensive Project Management Services


We utilize a range of software and tools to ensure efficient and effective space planning. Some of the key tools we use include:


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