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Evergreen is a division of Insight Global, one of the largest staffing companies in the world. So not only do we advise on and create custom CX solutions for our clients, but we also build and manage the teams that bring these initiatives to life. Our services are modular, scalable, and totally customizable to your industry and needs.

We provide customer experience solutions in multiple ways including:

  • CX consulting
  • Managed CX services
  • Custom CX solutions

Beyond services, we unlock potential. Our tailored solutions and curated talent fuel CX success, maximizing ROI, and building customer lifetime value.

And we offer solutions around the globe, with access to talent in 50+ countries and technology delivery capabilities in Hyderabad, India with more international locations on the way.

Customer Service Support

Your customer-facing talent elevates your sales experience and drives customer loyalty. If each touchpoint in the customer’s experience underscores the overall perception of your brand, how do you achieve excellence with them at every turn?

Evergreen can help. We bring you the strategies, services, solutions, and experts in a variety of customer service support areas:

  • Call and contact centers
  • Member services
  • Claims/order processing
  • Content moderation
  • Account set up

Sales Support

Your customers experience your business through your sales portals and systems—meaning every click, tap, and swipe shapes your brand experience.

We deliver the future of sales operations, driven by talent and innovation. Our sales support experts ensure flawless experiences, one interaction at a time.

Evergreen staffs and manages services with your sales operations, such as:

  • Retail POS support
  • E-commerce sales support
  • User interface training
  • Quality and brand management
  • Detailed reporting


Customer Experience Services FAQs

Yes! Evergreen partners with a top-tier omnichannel cloud contact center platform to deliver solutions. They have highly adaptable integration, including native APIs with systems like Salesforce, Oracle, ServiceNow, Zendesk, and more. We can also build solutions that utilize existing infrastructure provided by our clients. Our goal is to work with your needs—not change them. Plus, our staffing capabilities extend globally. We’re positioned to deliver solutions in 50+ countries.
Evergreen’s Center of Excellence includes a dedicated training and learning management discipline. We work with our clients to develop custom training modules that focus on elements like:

–Active listening
–Call control
–Chat and text etiquette
–Persuasion and conflict management
–Diversity and inclusion
Yes! Our CX solutions are designed with every staffing capability in mind. We provide fully onshore, nearshore, and offshore teams—or any hybrid of those. Whatever your business needs are, we can provide the strategy and talent solution.


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