How to Leverage AI in Your Business Operations 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way businesses and teams operate.  

46% of businesses have already embraced AI tools for its numerous benefits, and research suggests that many leaders are prioritizing it over other digital investments.  

If you haven’t yet integrated AI into your organization, or haven’t fully explored its potential, you might be missing out on significant advantages—and you risk falling behind your competitors. 

This post will explore the benefits of implementing AI in your business operations and offer practical steps to begin today. 

Let’s dive in.  

Benefits of AI in Business Operations 

1. Increased Productivity 

AI tools can increase productivity by as much as 66 percent. From automating manual tasks like bookkeeping to performing basic research, AI can help your team members get more done in the same amount of time.  

Generative AI tools can summarize call transcripts, put together action items, create content outlines, and more, allowing human employees to focus on more high-value and cognitively demanding tasks.  

2. Better Decision-Making 

Artificial intelligence can work to aggregate data, analyze trends, and provide actionable insights to your team. 

For example, AI tools can analyze customer buying behavior, so your marketing team is prepped well ahead of time to increase ad spending around busy or slow seasons. AI can take huge amounts of data and parse out key information to help all different teams make better decisions. 

3. Increased Competitive Advantage 

Not every company will be ahead of the curve in implementing AI in their business operations. Like any new technology, the first adopters often reap the biggest benefits.  

Companies that choose to automate tasks and improve their decision-making with AI can maintain a clear competitive advantage over other businesses.  

When customers have a better experience and business efficiency is increased, your organization can expand, boost sales, and increase market share in your industry. 

3 Ways to Implement AI Today 

Artificial intelligence implementation doesn’t have to take years. Tools exist today that are easy to integrate into your existing business processes. Here are a few tactical ways to implement AI into your business operations today. 

1. Create a Better Customer Service Experience 

Strong customer service is an excellent way to reduce customer churn and increase your lifetime customer value while also bringing in more positive word-of-mouth referrals. 

One easy way to implement AI into the customer experience is through website chatbots that are programmed to answer frequently asked questions.  

2. Deliver Stronger Sales Forecasting 

Companies that implemented AI into their sales process saw a 60 percent reduction in overall costs. With the right AI tools, you can support your sales and finance teams by providing faster—and more accurate—revenue and sales forecasting, helping teams budget accordingly. 

For example, you can hire more team members to handle a surplus or cut costs in certain areas to allow margin for a slowdown. It can also help sales teams identify opportunities in market segments, increasing overall business revenue. 

3. Strengthen Cybersecurity 

Companies have been safeguarding their systems from cybercriminals for decades, but each year brings new and more frequent attacks. Out of 800 IT leaders surveyed, 92% of them said that cyberattacks has grown more frequent since 2023. 

It can be expensive to hire additional in-house cybersecurity experts, but AI tools can provide around-the-clock support, like firewall monitoring, threat detection, inbox protection, and more. AI can quickly identify potential threats, reduce the likelihood of human error, and filter out false positives. This allows IT teams to focus on other tasks. 

Implement AI Today 

These are just a few ways to implement AI in business operations, but really, AI offers a world of possibilities. 

With it, you can boost team efficiency, drive sales, increase revenue, and so much more. It’s just a matter of reaching out to experts like Evergreen to kickstart your AI journey and turn your vision into reality. 

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