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How Our Talent Upskilling Programs Add Value

Contain costs

High-demand roles can be costly for a business. Our upskilling programs are designed to turn a smaller initial investment into long-term savings, as those high-demand skills get taught at the onset of hiring.

Bring in Net New Talent

These programs are designed for net-new employees, too. With our talent upskilling programs, you’ll have more access to talent for the skills you need.

Decrease Attrition

By investing in your people and helping them grow in their job and career, they will be more apt to continue their career within your business.

Knowledge Retention

When employees stay, so does the institutional knowledge they’ve gained over the years. This often leads to better efficiency and faster decision making, all leading to more productivity.

Build Career Paths

Our talent upskilling programs are built to develop career paths for employees—not just level up once in their careers. Retention improves if they can see their careers grow from within your business.

Our Experience

Client Success

a training overseeing the upskilling of recruiting talent

Upskilling Recruiting Talent to Enable a Hyperscaling Company’s Talent Acquisition Needs


Successful business growth and industry penetration enabled our client to hyperscale within a short timeframe. Their internal talent acquisition team was unprepared to sustain this level of growth and needed to look for innovative and cost-effective solutions to expand the recruiting team.


Evergreen was engaged to assist the client in creating a custom-built talent pipeline for the organization’s recruiting arm, allowing them to take junior recruiting talent and upskill them to meet industry best-practices and their specific internal processes.

  • We placed 38 team members on this program, and all 38 transitioned to full-time employment with the client.
  • Our 38 recruiting team members screened 16,000+ candidates throughout the program while being coached and managed by Evergreen.
  • Evergreen delivered 75 hours of training, leveraging dedicated thought leadership and years of experience to create engaging and impactful training curriculum.
healthcare business talent upskilling happening in a work environment

Revitalizing a Healthcare Client’s Business System Analyst Incubator Program


Our client in the healthcare industry was experiencing a slow downfall of their Business System Analyst incubator program. This was due to a lack of quality local talent, consistently poor performance from previous vendors, and a high cost of labor and expenses. They were seeking an end-to-end solution to revitalize this development program.


Evergreen custom-built a solution to fully outsource the sourcing, training, and management of the incubator program, including fully transferable governance, communication, mentorship, and career development frameworks for when team members were transitioned to full-time employees.

  • Within the first year, Evergreen drove more than $366k in cost-savings for our client.
  • Our successful delivery of upskilled and effective talent allowed the program to spread across five different organizations.
  • Evergreen scaled to a total of 78 classes within the first year, maintaining more than 80% retention throughout.


What to Know About Talent Upskilling

Evergreen can deliver training in whatever format you require. Our industry-leading experts have developed proprietary training curriculums and can augment existing internal training curriculums. We also partner with leading upskilling platforms to help you get access to thousands of job- and skill-specific upskilling. These trainings can be custom fit for your workforce and can be delivered remotely or on-site. However you want trainings set up, Evergreen can deliver.
We can leverage several options for the delivery of training, including your internal staff to administer the training once it is built, or we can hire a dedicated training expert from the industry or with the applicable skill set. We, of course, can manage the talent upskilling programs on an ongoing basis, too.
This entirely depends on the scope of the training. Whether you need hour-long CEUs, a two-week, intensive training course, or a full-fledged, year-long development course, we can tailor the timeline to fit your needs and goals.
For every talent upskilling service, we align tracking and assessments to your goals for the training. We have robust measurement and reporting processes including assessments after each instruction section, end-of-training efficacy surveys, satisfaction surveys throughout, and regular check-ins to confirm they have the tools in place to succeed in their roles.
Yes, our clinical upskilling programs include courses for 35+ healthcare skillsets. We can recruit the right healthcare candidates, train them on the skills your organization needs, then deploy them to work for you!


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