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Clinical Upskilling Services


Our clinical Upskilling Services

Service Benefits

Clinical Upskilling Service Benefits

cost Savings

In most cases, hiring and upskilling is a more cost-effective route than hiring a candidate at the top of their license. A good process also can easily replace the need for a costly traveler-based workforce and create a more engaged workforce.

Long-Term Results

Our services are designed to show your employees that you’re investing in them from the start. We bake qualities like this into every program, and they drive home the importance of retention. And the better your retention, the better your long-term results as an organization.

Engaged Candidates

We can hire based on candidates’ interests and attitudes around their work. They get screened, hired, skilled, and deployed—giving those who are new to the industry access to healthcare work.


Evergreen has a recruiting force of more than 1,700 people, who search far and wide for the talent you need. We also build our training programs to be delivered at scale, so we can ramp up or down hiring and training as your business needs it.

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Backed by an Accredited Healthcare Staffing Agency

At Insight Global, our healthcare team has access to top talent. We are a Joint Commission-accredited healthcare staffing agency, and we help find skilled professionals to support patient care in every way. We fill roles in the doctor’s office and patient’s room, plus behind the scenes on administrative teams and IT departments.


Elevating Your Organization

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Clinical Upskilling Specific to Your Skills Gap

Allied health is the backbone of many healthcare facilities. That’s why our programs address more than 35 critical skill sets:

  • Medical assistants
  • Pharmacy technicians
  • Medical coding
  • Phlebotomy
  • IT help desk
  • Billing specialists

And we find talent from your community to elevate care in your facility.

Addressing Your Existing Workforce

In addition to finding net new talent for your organization, we can provide clinical upskilling service for existing employees:

  • Consulting on current training programs: Do you need to address existing upskilling and training programs? Our industry expertise addresses strategy, goals, and cost savings around upskilling.
  • Putting employees through our upskilling framework: Employees stay at companies longer when they see their employer is invested in them. We can upskill your existing employees to address skills gaps, too.
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Our Upskilling Program in The Philippines

One of our clinical upskilling programs brought to life is the Grit Academy in the Philippines. Led by Insight Global Health, this program hires nurses in the Philippines, trains them to acquire crucial skills and certifications, then deploys them to hospital systems in the United States.

The first of its kind 13,000 square foot training facility in Manila uses highly technical simulation labs with the use of high-fidelity mannequins, conference rooms for didactic training, computer labs for self-paced modules, and more to ensure the nurses’ transition and employment in the U.S. is successful.

This world-class education facility, created to help meet critical healthcare staffing needs, trains nurses to operate independently and productively in U.S. hospitals and healthcare facilities.


What to Know About Clinical Upskilling

With courses for over 35 skill sets in the healthcare industry, we can tackle almost all in-demand roles. These skill sets include surgery tech, sterile processing tech, physical therapist, medical admin, medical scribe, medical assistant, phlebotomy tech, EKG tech, electronic health records specialist, medical coder and biller, pharmacy tech, health unit coordinator, medical lab assistant, nutrition coach, behavior tech, dental assistant, pharmacy tech, patient care tech, professional trainer, and veterinary assistant. Have a role that isn’t on our list? We will work with you to build a custom solution or curriculum to answer whatever the ask is.
Most of the courses take anywhere from 5-12 weeks for full-time students. Evergreen is here to drive that time down as low as possible while maintaining quality of education as the number one priority.
Clinical upskilling is a holistic approach to the problem the healthcare industry faces. It provides career development opportunities for our people, a dedicated workforce for our clients, and overall cost reductions as the labor force increases to meet the war on talent.


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