Evergreen Hosts User Group with Databricks, Explores Data, AI, and Innovation

Evergreen hosted Databricks at Insight Global’s headquarters on Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2024, for the software company’s first ever User Group in Atlanta, Georgia. More than 100 people attended the event, including representatives from 20 different customers spanning both Evergreen and Databricks’ clientele.  

The event was a chance for data experts to meet, talk about the latest trends in data, artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud computing, exchange insights on recent advancements and practical applications, and explore different ways to utilize Databricks’ technology with Evergreen’s solutions to tackle today’s most pressing business obstacles. 

Let’s dig into some of the insights shared in that meeting and from Evergreen’s experts.  

In 2024, Smart Data Utilization Means Business Success 

Databricks is an industry-leading, open-source analytics platform used for creating and managing data and AI solutions at scale. Evergreen has partnered with Databricks since 2023 to provide intelligent data solutions for clients as well as internally. 

Mirza Baig, Insight Global’s Director of Software Engineering, showcased HOPE, Insight Global’s AI-powered candidate matching tool powered by Databricks. It leverages Insight Global’s extensive internal candidate database to tap into a vast pool of recruiting data and match candidates with their ideal job opportunities—making the process faster, smoother, and more effective for our clients. 

In an era where the average corporate job opening attracts 250 applications, tools like HOPE connect businesses with high-quality talent quickly, allowing them to skip from sifting through hundreds of resumes to getting skilled experts in seats.  

Next, a spokesperson for agricultural machinery company AGCO discussed how they use Databricks in their own business.  

“I was thrilled to connect our community to tackle business-critical challenges collaboratively and empower one another to innovate within the realm of data and AI,” said DJ Lewis, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Evergreen. “We’ve already accomplished great things internally with Databricks, and I loved hearing how other businesses have done the same. I can’t wait to see how our relationship grows as we advance our collaboration and initiatives.” 

Get Databricks Tools + Evergreen Solutions 

Evergreen is proud to be an official implementation partner of Databricks, leading the way in data-driven innovation. By combining Databricks’ powerful tools with our expert solutions, we empower companies to get ahead and stay ahead. 

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