Podcast: Diamonds in the Rough – Tap into and Engage the Talent in your Community

When it comes to the war for talent, the healthcare industry has found itself on the frontlines. Within the next five years, there is a projected shortage of more than 3.2 million allied healthcare workers in the United States, and not only is the competition to fill the roles high, but retaining employees is and will continue to be a major challenge as well.

And while any healthcare organization would be able to speak to how these issues are affecting their workforce, there are paths forward into this competitive landscape. Talent upskilling is one of those paths. For the healthcare industry specifically, clinical upskilling involves hiring new talent, facilitating training courses to quickly and effectively develop this new talent, and deploying this talent into an organization, typically at a lower cost and on a faster timeline than developing this talent internally.

To discuss these challenges facing the healthcare industry and the impact clinical upskilling can make, Eric Rebraca, Director of Clinical Development and Delivery at Insight Global Health, and Rafael Castaneda, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships & Workforce at MedCerts, joined our friends at the Becker’s Healthcare Podcast a few weeks ago. Listen to the full episode below and hear how we have teamed up to help tackle healthcare staffing shortages, the value of upskilling, and more.

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