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Prime Recruiting Services

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The Only Talent Solutions Partnership You Need.

Prime is Evergreen’s exclusive recruiting service. When you engage Prime, we become your strategic partner, ready to support all your hiring needs. With a dedicated recruiting and delivery team, we bring strategy, industry best practices, tooling, and innovation to find you the talent you need while streamlining your recruiting processes.

Why Prime Recruiting Services

By the Numbers.


unfulfilled job openings in the U.S. with only 6.5MM candidates available to fill them.


of employees are likely to leave their current role in the next 3-6 months.


of senior managers said it’s become more common for candidates to “ghost” during the hiring process.

The Case for Consolidation.

Most companies are struggling to find talent and fill their open requirements. Their solution: bring in more staffing vendors under the belief that more suppliers will drive process efficiencies and cost-savings. However, multi-vendor solutions lead to less engagement from vendors, less visibility into contingent workforce productivity, and a poorer experience for your contingent workforce.

Identifying an exclusive recruiting partner instead will bring consistency and quality to your operations.

Vendor Stability

By leaning into one exclusive talent solutions provider, you are only having to vet and partner with one vendor. Along with having less to keep up with on your end, this ensures all of your contingent workforce is cared for in the same secure way.

Recruiting Standardization

When all of your hiring managers are working with different vendors, it’s almost impossible to have set benchmarks for recruiting. With a singular talent solutions partner, recruiting processes can be set across the board and drive actual efficiencies.

Single Source Reporting

Whether you’re seeking internal visibility or being audited for compliancy by an external agency, you need easy access to data on your contingent workforce. An exclusive talent solutions partner is primed to get you the all reports you need, when you need them.

Our Capabilities

What’s Included.


An Unparalleled Recruiting Engine

Because we’re powered by Insight Global, a leader in the staffing industry, we are uniquely poised to attract, hire, and retain the world’s best talent. Leveraging more than 1,500 recruiters in 60+ North American and European offices, we can quickly find the right people, no matter the skill set or industry.


Culture-Focused Onboarding

Onboarding is a key part in building long-term employee engagement. In order to get your people off on the right start, we engage Insight Global’s culture consulting division, Compass, to deliver an in-depth, culture-focused onboarding experience for new hires.


Expert Service Delivery

Throughout delivery, we become an extension of your business and support the entire hiring process from planning to execution. Processes we oversee throughout delivery include requirement gathering, interviewing, compliance, reporting, onboarding, performance reviews, offboarding, and more.

exclusive recruiting partner

How We Add Value.

Tech Enablement

We bring tooling and tech to every program, not just to help identify the right candidates quickly, but also to identify bottlenecks.

Process Efficiencies

We don’t just identify areas for improvement, we actively seek ways to make your hiring processes smoother and more efficient.

Increased Retention

We take a white glove approach to the candidate and employee experience, ensuring higher rates of engagement, productivity, and retention.

Dynamic Reporting

We collaborate with you to understand which benchmarks and data points related to the hiring process are most important for your business needs.

Dedicated Team

We build a team of dedicated recruiters, a project manager, resource coordinator, and more to support you every step of the way.


What to Know About Prime Recruiting Services.

When transitioning contingent workers from other vendors into Prime, we always makes it a priority to maintain existing processes and retain as many resources as possible during the transition phase. This ensures existing stability and service levels. In most cases, when desired, we are able to transition up to 95% of existing team members by maintaining compensation packages and providing white glove service through a dedicated transition team.
Buyers of contingent staffing generally believe that multi-vendor solutions create competition and drive cost-containment. In reality, having multiple vendors often results in significant hard and soft costs. Additionally, they do not provide visibility into contingent workforce productivity or consultant satisfaction. By moving to a single vendor solution, we are able to drive significant process efficiencies and cost-savings to our clients.
This number can vary, but our typical recommendation for an exclusive recruiting engagement is a minimum need of 50 contract hires per year. However, Evergreen and Insight Global have the capabilities to support any business need or hiring challenge your organization might be facing.