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Evergreen knows recruiting. It’s the bedrock of Insight Global’s business. 

As the professional services division of Insight Global, we not only have the experience to enhance your recruiting capabilities, but we also have thousands of recruiters to expand your talent pool beyond what you can find today. 

Plus, Evergreen can manage your recruitment systems in these core areas: 


Manage the workforce planning, compliance requirements, equipment needs, and all HR-related efforts for your recruiting divisions.


Define, manage, and evaluate the performance of your recruiters and other HR employees at an individual and team level to ensure we drive productivity and help you meet your goals.


Manage the allocation of your teams and forecast demand to predict future headcount needs—for your recruiters and business. This ensures we get the most out of our team and drive value to your business.


Ways our recruitment management comes to life

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Yes! During our discovery phase, we will assess your current tools and processes and build a plan for integrating with those. We also recommend tools (if none currently exist in your org), and throughout our relationship, we will note any areas of improvement within your current processes.
Outsourcing your recruiting with Evergreen is designed to work perfectly as an addition to your HR and talent acquisition teams—never competition. We work together with your teams to ensure we’re improving processes and making recommendations based on your business goals. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. Our services are tailored to your needs.
Beyond managing talent, we can help you find it. Insight Global placed more than 50,000 consultants in 2023 alone, and we know how to find the right fit for your team.

When it comes to retention:
1. Our consultants have contract completion rates well above industry averages, and our direct placements have attrition rates well below industry averages.
2. We can also help you build strategies that work toward improving retention for your current employees. These can include services like upskilling programs, culture consulting, DEI training, and so much more.


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